General Grants


1. Object

Asteria, International Association of Myth Criticism, announces their general grants for the development of cultural projects directly focused on the myth or its dissemination, such as, for example, trips, exhibitions, contests, book editions, conferences, seminars, dissemination of the activities of the Association, etc. Proposals to cover the publication fees of academic journals will be dismissed.

2. Beneficiaries

Individuals or legal entities, regardless of their nationality, place of residence, etc., who had been members of Asteria for at least 3 years. 

3. Amount

The maximum amount will be 2,500€. Asteria will withhold 15% of the total prize for income tax purposes (IRPF).

In the event that the grant is received by a non-profit association, it may receive the full amount of the grant as long as it proves that it is up to date with its tax obligations.

4. Application

By writing to the Secretary of Asteria (, in two installments:

  • From December 1 to 15
  • From May 1 to 15

The following aspects will be specified in a maximum of three pages:

  • Detailed and precise project, including execution times
  • Concrete benefits for the Association
  • Amount requested and preferred installment procedure
  • Other grants requested and/or obtained

5. Concession

The Board of Management of Asteria, after deliberation, will inform the interested parties of the decision, which will be unappealable.

6. Obligations and mention

The beneficiary will inform the Association, within fifteen calendar days from the communication of the concession, a signed document in which it accepts the compliance of these bases, whose non-compliance will mean the denial or, where appropriate, the return of the grant.

The beneficiary will keep the Association informed of all the circumstances – directly related to the subsidized project and the grant – that are of interest to the Association. Likewise, it must make explicit mention, in a visible place, of the help provided by the Association.