III Contest of Mythology and Artistic Creation “Mythological Short Films”

by | Feb 14, 2018

Asteria, International Association of Mythcriticism and Acis, Research Group of Mythcriticism, in order to promote and encourage the study of mythology in all its fields, call for the III International Contest of Mythology and Artistic Creation “Mythological Short Films” and is governed by the following bases:


All people will be able to participate with a maximum of two works of their authorship.

Characteristics of the Works

The short films will last between 2 and 5 minutes.

The works will be in mp4 format and will have a maximum resolution of 1920x1080px (we recommend using this). The maximum size of the file will be 1GB.

The language of the short films will be Spanish or any other language with subtitles in Spanish.

The short films must necessarily be related to the theme “The Mythical World and Madrid”. The short films needn’t be recorded in the city of Madrid, but the proposed them should be respected.

The style and technique are free.

The names of the authors won’t be included in the short film.

Deadlines and delivery of the works

The deadline for receiving the works will be from the date of publication of this call until August 31, 2018.

All short films should be sent by email to asteriamyth@gmail.com.

We recommend using a platform such as MEGA, Dropbox or Google Drive to send us the download link. The organization will not be held responsible if other links do not work or have expired. The file sent should be named with the title of the short film.

In the email must be attached, in a word document, the personal data of the authors of the short film, as they should be credited. It will also be included the name of a person responsible for communication, their ID, email and telephone.


A maximum of 10 short films will be selected, of which the 3 winners will be chosen. The first prize will consist of 400€, the second 200€ and the third 100€. Any of these awards may be deserted.

The 10 short films selected will be screened at the Complutense University of Madrid during the V International Conference of Mythcriticism “Myth and Audiovisual Creation”. The selected participants will be invited to participate in all the activities of the conference.

The selected participants and winners will receive a certificate.

The Jury’s decision will be made public on October 24, 2018, during the screening of the selected shorts.

Acceptance of the bases

The Jury will be formed by people of recognized prestige in the artistic and cultural world.

The selected participants of the contest authorize Asteria to disseminate, publicly communicate and reproduce the selected short films through any means of dissemination, bearing in mind that authors will always be given credit.

The submitted works must be free of rights that may hold third parties, considering Asteria exempt from all liability in case of litigation or discussion that may arise from it.

Participating in the contest implies the acceptance of these bases and the decisions adopted by the Jury.