RMN Newsletter is a peer-reviewed bi-annual publication of Folklore Studies from the Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies of the University of Helsinki.  The journal is primarily oriented to constructing an informational resource and discourse space for researchers of diverse and intersecting disciplines who share common interests in the problems, strategies, values and limitations of themes ranging from the relationships and historical processes underlying manifestations of a tradition encountered across multiple cultures to the investigations into the history underlying the diverse and variegated emergent manifestations of a tradition or other cultural phenomenon.

The special number that we are promoting today is titled Between Text and Practice. Mythology, Religion and Research, where we can read articles like “Reflections on Text and Practices in Mythology Religion and Research”, by Frog and Karina Lukin; “Picturing the Otherworld: Imagination in the Study of Oral Poetry”, by Lotte Tarkka; “Folklore and Mythology Catalogue: Its Lay-Out and Potential for Research”, by Yuri E. Berezkin or “Baptizing Soviet Children in Contemporary Rural Narratives”, by Nadezhda Rychkova. Click on the next button to read and download the complete issue of the journal: 

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