Prize for the Best Doctoral Thesis in Mythcriticism


1. Object

Asteria, International Association of Mythcriticism, in order to promote the scientific study of myths, announces a prize for the best doctoral thesis on mythcriticism among those defended during the academic year 2017/2018.

2. Beneficiaries

Young doctors (regardless of their nationality, place of residence, etc.), who have defended their doctoral thesis during the academic year 2017/2018 and who are members of Asteria. Thesis defended prior to October 2017 will be evaluated.

3. Application

By writing to the Secretary of Asteria ( before December 15, where the applicant will need to attach the doctoral thesis in PDF format, the record of the defense and the academic record of the applicant.

4. Concession

The Board of Management of Asteria will designate the awarded thesis within a maximum period of three months and will communicate the decision (which will be unappealable) to the candidates, both by email and through its website (

The Association reserves the right to leave the prize deserted.

5. Benefits

The author of the awarded thesis will receive:

  • A diploma that accredites the prize.
  • Free membership to the Association for three years.
  • The possibility of presenting, without registration fees, a communication at the next International Conference on Mythcriticism, in which the beneficiary can disseminate the most relevant results of his research.

6. Obligations and Mention

The beneficiary must acknowledge the awarding of the prize by Asteria, International Association of Mythcriticism, in the eventual publication of the doctoral thesis in the form of a monograph, as well as in the articles or presentations to congresses that may arise from it.



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